10 Horsey things equestrians must try (or at least experience!)

Now a days most people have a “bucket list” of things they want to experience or achieve in their life, so the Foxes Crew thought of a few great horsey things we think you riders out there should try.  You might have already achieved some of them or have your own ambitions, comment or send us your pictures as we would love to see!
1. Jump a horse bare back

You would be best starting with small fences and working your way up – this lady just takes it right to the next level!!

no hands!!

2. Meet your favorite equestrian sports hero

We all have that inspirational equestrian personality that we aspire to be and meet, here is Amy and Mary King at Your Horse Live.

Amy and Mary King

3. Write for a Dressage judge or Fence steward for the day

You get to learn so much – keep your eye out on Foxes Facebook if you would like to write for a Dressage judge as Anna is always happy for writers…

Dressage writing

4. Try riding side saddle

Such elegance, don’t be fooled though this is not the easiest thing to do.  Hannah in the picture below also showjumps and hunts side saddle!!


5.  Camping with your horse/pony

There is nothing like an intense couple of days with your horse/pony learning new skills and roughing it along with other like minded horsey people.  Foxes hold both Adult and Children’s camps and have our dates ready for 2015, click here to find out more you could then cross this one off your list.

Adult Camp 2014

6. The Hunting Experience

This is a hard one to sum up and something you just have to try.  Cheshire, The Wirral and North Wales are host to many different hunts who can accommodate young to old, first timers to experienced riders.


7. Ride flying changes or more advance Dressage movements

Its always good to push the boundaries and try something new like this, it gives you such a sense of achievement once you know what your doing (and your horse!)  Foxes Riding School can accommodate teaching to a more advance standard both privately on your own horse (also see our clinics with Anna Davey and Peter Storr) or on one of our school horses who range up to advance medium Dressage standard.

anna and oscar

8. Gallop down the beach or swim in the sea

The wind howling past your ears, tears running down your face and a huge smile to match.  Such an amazing experience galloping down the beach, small tip though don’t get stuck behind a rider/s as you will end up tasting the sand!

2014-10-04 22.18.46

9. Natural Horsemanship

Your and your horses relationship can always be improved upon, and reach a whole new level of communication that you never thought was possible. Through intuition, feel and energy you can create something special “Outlaw Horsemanship, Damian Jones”


10. Learn to play Polo

Polo is classed as one of the most glamours fast paced and skillful sports in the world, hey the Royals play it!


The Foxes Crew

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