All Star Peanut at the Trailblazer Championships!

It was Peanut that made everyone proud at Foxes Riding School recently when he went to the Trailblazer Championships at Stoneleigh.  Follow his exciting adventure below told by Anna!.

July 27thPEANUT loaded and travelled to Stoneleigh Trailblazer Dressage CHAMPIONSHIPS today like a professional. By the way I think my mum has owner Peanut for about 15yrs and we’ve never taken him off the yard!!!!!!!!
He arrived and walked to his new stable looking very pleased with himself. Was soo cute to watch him. After a rest after his lunch of oats and sugar beet Jess took him for a short leg stretch and work out in the competition arenas to get used to his new environment.
Peanut looked and performed like a real dressage horse today😀 he looked fantastic with his full clip, ear muffs and diamond brow band!!!! 

July 28th – Peanut had a wonderful day today competing at the trailblazer championships. It was only a warm up test today as the real championships start tomorrow. Peanut warmed up well with a new found energy as he was so excited to be out. He went forewords like he’s never gone forwards before on his adrenalin rush. The judge just didn’t appreciate The small cob and didn’t mark him so well, but he certainly deserved a better mark than this judge gave him. Today peanut went around a white boards arena for the first time! He had fancy flowers all around the arena that he’s never seen before. We were very proud of peanut today although the judge wasn’t so enthusiastic!
Peanut is loving his oats and sugar beet 3x a day lol
So we’re on tomorrow morning doing the P12 and let’s hope we get a kinder judge 😳

July 29th – Peanut was great today 😀 Yesterday during his test Peanut decided to go to the toilet for a no. 2 and peanut as all of you know who rides him STOPS when he goes!!!! Peanut has stopped for a poo for 15 years until yesterday, as Jess had to tap him to keep him going and Peanut wasn’t impressed. So today in the warm up Peanut went to the toilet OMG we were soooo pleased as we knew he would not go during his test. Jess and Peanut did a lovely test. We’re now relaxing waiting for the score to go up. Peanut is still loving his outing, taking everything in his stride, especially loving his oats and sugar beet lol
Lesley is Peanuts no. 1 fan has driven to watch him and staying in a hotel for the past 2 days, taking hundreds of photos of dear Peanut (she is taking a photo of him in one of these photos)
Everyone loves Peanut xxxx

July 30th – Peanut galloped across the field tonight to tell his friends all about his last 4 day adventure at the Trailblazer Championships! They all looked amazed and jealous especially Daz lol
Peanut competed this afternoon in his final test and had a little error of course but it’s not the end of the world. The main thing is it was fantastic that Jess qualified Peanut for this prestigious championships and Peanut who’s not left the yard (foxes) for 15 years never put a foot wrong. Hehad many fans including the stewards who couldn’t believe he hadnt been in a horsebox for 15 yrs looked so at home and well manered at the championships. He put many others to shame bless him.
Peanut, Jess, Jayne, Jen and I have had a brilliant 4 days at a particularly well run unaffiliated championships and those of you dressage divas should try to qualify for next year as it is an amazing show. 👍👍👍😀😀🍸😉🍸


We are all so very proud of this fantastic pony and hope you enjoyed his adventure.  Make sure you follow our Facebook page to keep updated on last minute riding lesson offers and all the news and gossip for the farm.

The Foxes Team

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