BHS Stages 1 & 2 News and new Training days

We recently held both BHS Stage 1 and BHS Stage 2 Exams here at Foxes in June. Now that the results are in, we are pleased to announce that we have had a very high pass rate! HUGE CONGRATULATIONS go to the clients and students that studied with us in the run up to the exams, they did exceptionally well!!

bhsDue to the success of our Exam Training, we are now re-starting the Wednesday Stage 2 and Thursday Stage 1 training.

If you pay for 4 x weekly sessions at the beginning of each month you will receive the training at a reduced price. ie one off payment of £130 paid before 4th August instead of the individual amounts  of £40 totalling £160 for that month.

(any pre-paid amounts will not be transferable or refundable)

These sessions are also available to anyone wishing to learn more about caring for horses and who are interested in advancing their equine knowledge.

For more information on training for your BHS Stage 1 have a look at our BHS Stage 1 training page here  and if you are keen to know more about what is involved and joining us for your BHS Stage 2 training view more details here.

The BHS examinations system is one of the best and most widely respected in the world. The progressive route encourages you to continue, leading from beginner level to world class qualifications.

The advice, guidelines and syllabus for every level mean that you can be sure of what you’ll be asked to do and also be sure you’re making the right choice in taking your exams with us. Once you’re qualified, you can also attend professional development events to push your skills even further.

If you want any information at all about the various BHS Stage Training and/or exams being held at Foxes Riding School please give us a call on 0151 3396797 and we will be happy to have a chat further with you :0)

The Foxes Crew