Client Spotlight On … Gemma Musto

We at Foxes have some lovely clients learning to ride with us and everyone has a special and interesting story on how they caught the Horse Riding bug and we asked if you would like to share this with us …

Let us introduce you to Gemma Musto, she has such enthusiasm for riding and regularly is seen on the yard spoiling her favourite horses, here is her equestrian story.  Over to you Gemma!

fb_img_1480438198441_resized I have always loved horses ever since I can remember. My first ever experience was when I was 4 I remember being on this pony it felt like I was on a giant back then. When I was little I had nasal polyps since I was 2 and as a lot know that ears and nose tube were connected so it made my hearing blocked and I had a speech delay. So I went to a school for special needs and the school would take us to Clwyd special riding centre at LLanfynydd and I remember the first horse I rode there. I rode there since I was 20.

When I was 13 I wanted to do more then what RDA offered me, someone I knew worked at Chapel Farm fb_img_1480437969286near Wrexham (which is closed now) for a year. Then I went to Hope equestrian centre for few years, so someone I knew recommended me to Foxes Riding School, I was 16 at the time and for my first lesson I rode lovely Marcus and Kylie taught me I thoroughly enjoyed it. My Dad used to pay for my lessons as I was at college and then circumstances changed and I had to go somewhere else.  I then got a job and worked shift work so had to stop as the shifts got in the way and had to stop riding. I put on too much weight to ride so I didn’t ride for 7 years when I lost a lot of weight I wanted to ride again so I went to a few places near me to ride but wasn’t happy.

So a couple of my friends highly recommend me to go back to foxes. I booked my first lesson for 3pm Friday with Claire and I rode was Spice I was so glad to be back riding there but I couldn’t carry on with going Friday during the day due to work. But I managed to get a Wednesday evening lesson with Ruth. And I still have lessons with her on Wednesday evenings and I must say my riding has improved so much with her help. I regularly ride at the clients dressage now. In 2016 I became the Foxes Riding School Senior prelim Dressage champion with the help of one of my favourites Foxes horses, Storm and also rode late Easter and Ziggy.

fb_img_1480438344293_resizedAs I mentioned my Favourites are Storm and also love Flossie ( Which people think I’m mad!) and Paddy. I ride quite a variety of the horses now including Dallas, Annie , Jaffa, Tom, Linford , Oakley, Sparky, Bella, Drummer, Heather (once) , freckles ( Once) I have competed at Novice level a few times hopefully I’m going to compete in some more client dressage shows in future.
I know I have typed too much, haha I just love foxes it’s the best riding school I have ever been and staff are so helpful and we always have a laugh along the way

Gemma Musto

Big Thank you Gemma for sharing your story with us and we know how much you love your favourites.  Many clients much like Gemma have really come on with their riding here at Foxes and it is always great to see all the hard work being put into practice at our Winter Client Dressage shows.

If you would like to get involved in the next Client Dressage it is on:

Saturday 11th December with classes including Intro A, Prelim 1 and Novice 27 at a cost of £25 and you could win yourself a lovely rosette as we award rosettes to all that participate.  Please pop into the office to put your name down and book or you can call on 0151 3396797 :0)

If you have a story you would like to share please pop us an email with some pictures to

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