Competitions at Foxes Riding School

Foxes Riding School has an exciting events calendar running Affiliated BD Dressage and Unaffiliated Dressage throughout the year and we also host showing competitions though the spring and summer. All our competitions are run and enjoyed by all levels of competitors, we pride ourselves on offering a warm, friendly atmosphere with fabulous rosettes on offer!

Below are further details on all competition areas, we also hold 1st and 2nd round Trailblazer qualifiers for 2018 




Foxes hold 2 Affiliated BD Dressage per month and 2 Unaffiliated Dressage per month throughout the year.

Unaffiliated Dressage runs twice a month and our classes are Trailblazer 1st round qualifiers, we also hold the 2nd round qualifiers in the Spring and this year saw many of the Foxes regulars at the Trailblazer Championships held at Stoneleigh!

Click here for details of our up and coming affiliated and unaffiliated competitions and enter easily with Horse Monkey.

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Foxes are well know for there showing competitions and we hold many many qualifiers.  Our schedules will be up shortly however in the meantime click here for our 2017 dates.