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Well it really must be nearly Christmas … the John Lewis advert is on the telly and its snowing on the Foxes Riding School website!

With the busy life that Peter leads, we managed to catch up with him to see what equestrian adventures he has been up to as he foxes-office-christmashad been very quiet … however Peter has been really busy and met with Father Christmas :0) over to Peter…

More writing for dressage judges on Monday 14 November. Very interesting, because I was writing for two judges in succession, and also because once another writer took over from me I had the opportunity just to sit and watch, which I don’t often get.

Thursday 17th saw me back with the RDA for the day. Only one ride in the morning, lunch at Gordale, three rides in the afternoon, then off to Burleydam for a hot drink and a look around the Christmas stuff, before coming back for the evening session. So a bit of a tour of the local garden centres. It isn’t all work! The evenings are starting to get really cold now. Thankfully, the evening rides will finish on the 24th, so only one more to go. Actually, it’s the parents sitting in the gallery I feel sorry for – at least the helpers are moving most of the time. Moving pretty quickly when we have a trot, actually.

I had an enjoyable day out at the English Winter Fair at the Staffordshire Showground on Saturday 19th. It’s a livestock fair – beef cattle, sheep and pigs, basically. So not horse-related, though there was a craft and country fair as well with some horsy items on sale. The showgrounds a great venue for that sort of event – all the judging was under cover and the catering options are varied and all good.

Back with the RDA on Thursday 24th, with a riding lesson on Linford as well. Great stuff, but merely a prelude to the highlight of the day, the last evening rides before the winter break. Whereas the Thursday daytime riders are mostly adults, those in the evening are mostly of school age and brought by their parents or other family members. So the last evening features races, seasonal attire, and, best of all, a visit from Father Christmas. Huge fun for the riders, perhaps even more for the volunteers (some of whom can be very competitive), a certain amount of race-fixing and nobbling, and probably even more stress than usual for Ruth. But a good time had by all.

img_0060Today Thursday 1st, was the last Thursday daytime session. Fine weather, so outside on all the rides, which is always a bonus. That’s all, folks! – until we restart the second week in January. As occasionally used to be found written on public lavatory walls, “A Merry Christmas to all our readers”. Hope to be back in January.

Peter we look forward to hearing from you again in January, Christmas is just about to kick off at Foxes Riding School with lots of festive activities planned for you all, what we would like to highlight is that we want to support all the fantastic work done by the RDA so we are going to be selling Tea/Coffee and mince pies at the Foxes Staff Christmas Games on Sunday 18th December with all proceeds going to the RDA so please pop down and support your favourite Foxes staff, cheer them on and raise some money for the amazing work the RDA do.

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