Foxes Client Presentation Night Round Up

We have a great turn out on Saturday night for the Foxes Client Winter League Presentation Night, a big congratulations from the Foxes Team to all the had a go at the Dressage over the Winter month

In total 36 people took part with a total of 94 tests ridden across the 6 competitions, Winter league will start again in Sept/Octobers but keep your eye out as we have heard rumours that there might be a few Client Dressage competitions over the Summer  ….

All that attended the evening40 people attended the Presentation evening and watched our very own Ruth and Peanut demonstrate a ‘before and Winners and fellow competitorsafter’ Dressage test which was the Prelim 12 with commentary on what could be done better/what was better and showing common faults along with where marks are easily lost or gained.

The presentation then took place followed by Ruth and Dallas this time showing some Novice movements that can be expected at that level and then they went on to complete the Novice 24 test.  To finish Dallas and Ruth then stepped it up a gear to show off 😉 and ran through the Medium 63 to show more of the level Dallas was used to working at and what movements had developed from the Prelim and Novice test, all in all it was a great night!

Here are some more pictures of our winners:

WalkTrot Juniors - Reserve Champion Juliette Ward and Champion Freya Fury. WalkTrot Seniors -  Reserve Champion Gemma Gusto and Champion Jayne Lewis. Prelim Juniors -  Reserve Champion Freya Fury and Champion Shona Jones.

Prelim Seniors - Reserve Champion Sally Renton, Champion Jenny Billings and Reserve Champion Michelle Lloyd. Novice - Reserve Champion Nicola Williams and Champion Katie Nickson.


The Foxes Crew

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