Friday Fun – Words that have different meanings to Horsey people!

Fridays are for FUN so what better than some light reading! It is blatantly obvious that the way we use some words, does not necessarily have the same meaning to someone that is non-horsey – here are a few the Foxes Crew thought of.

Can you think of any more? …

Plastic Bag

Horsey meaning: The most scariest invention to grace the planet, well so your horse thinks (enough said!)

Non horsey meaning: A bag you get at the shop to enable you to carry your purchases

plastic bag flapping


Horsey meaning: A tissue for horse slobber and general muck protection or a style the fashion industry love to recreate (- the mud)

Non horsey meaning: Fashion items and something you need a wardrobe full of!



Horsey meaning: Two types of horsey meanings here depending if speaking to the horse owner or there husband/parent, either something you never have anything of as it is ALL spent on your horse OR something your burn though like wildfire 😉

Non horsey meaning: Required to generally live day to day to pay for things

expensive horse


Horsey meaning: It is a place that you continuously post pictures, video’s, competition updates and other horsey related posts (you love your ponio)… much to the annoyance of non horsey friends!!

Non horsey meaning: A place to view opinions and keep connected with friends and family

Facebook warning


Horsey meaning: Your horses favorite hobby and your biggest nemesis (we all feel sorry for you grey horse owners …)

Non horsey meaning: A squelchy dirty brown mess that you avoid at all cost, especially if you have children!

2014-11-14 15.09.20

We would love to hear your thoughts on this, there are many many more – words like Green spring to mind!

Happy Friday …

The Foxes Crew

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