What’s Peter been up to!!

Well 2017 is already in full swing, the weeks are passing by so quickly already, however we managed to catch up with Peter to see what he has been up to!

Happy New Year to one and all! Back again with a bit more about what I’ve been up to equine-wise. Christmas seems along time ago, but it went very peacefully, and then on 2nd January a group of us from the RDA went to the afternoon session of the Liverpool International Horse Show at the Echo Arena. We’d been to the first one in January 2016, and I for one was wondering whether the organizers would be able to put on such a good event again. But no need to worry – it was every bit as good, if not better. Top showjumping names, good support performances including a motorcycle stunt team, an ABBA tribute band, and the Shetland Grand National. Plus an improved shopping village for those with Christmas present money burning a hole in their pocket (and you could get in there without buying a ticket for the show). Talking of tickets – worth every penny, to my mind!

Had my first riding lesson of the year on Thursday 5th, with Laura and on Linford. I hope all the ones to come go as well, because I came out feeling really good considering that I hadn’t ridden for four weeks.

This week saw Wirral and Chester RDA restart after the break. The first week back can sometimes be tricky, especially at this time of year because of winter illnesses and so on, and I ended up coming in for the Tuesday afternoon session because the ride leader knew there was going to be a shortage of helpers. It was good in a way because it broke me in gently for my normal session on Thursday. The RDA can always use more help, by the way, and you don’t even have to be a horsy type. Just follow the link from the Foxes home page to find out more if you’re interested. Of course, as with so many things, once you’ve been back a few hours it’s as though you’d never been away. In fact, I’m really glad to be getting back into the normal swing of things, and at least at this time of year we can look forward to longer days and, who knows, maybe even better weather.

May all your rides in 2017 be good ones!


The Foxes Crew