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We are now able to give you the ability to book and pay for your Pony Club Training sessions online!


First you need to Register and create your account on Horse Monkey:

To be able to start using the online booking, you first need to register on the Horse Monkey website or Free App, once you have created a profile you won’t have to enter details again as it remembers for you, this is free to do and you can then keep coming back to book your training sessions.

To register go to the Horse Monkey website here, or download the Free Horse Monkey App

You will firstly then be asked to complete your details such as name, address, mobile number etc and then go on to complete rider details which is where you add your son or daughters name. As mentioned you will only then ever need to do this once.

Then you are ready to go, Horse Monkey will securely save all these details for you so you will be able to book your training sessions without having to retype the details.

There is a list of Pony Club Training session on the main Foxes Pony Club Centre website page where you can click on your session, book and pay.  Once you have paid you will also receive an email confirming your booking!

For those of you always on the move … you can download the free App and enter on the go straight from the palm of your hand.  Below are links to for the Horse Monkey App


Once you have registered, you will be able to book directly via our website or any social media links, on our website pages just look at for an upcoming events box like below 😉