More from Peter, riding Linford and Emily has started trotting!!

Today we have caught up with Peter Bamford to see what’s been going on in his equestrian world and wish him a very Happy Birthday!!

Hello, everyone! Back again after a bit of a gap due to all sorts of factors, one of which was a bad cold that meant I had to cancel a couple of riding lessons. Still, I’m now back on Linford and progressing (if slowly) under Laura’s tuition. Riding for the Disabled has been keeping me occupied on Thursdays – in fact, it won’t be long until the evening rides resume after the winter break. If you’re free 5.30 to 7 on Thursdays we can always use an extra pair of hands! The dressage writing on some Mondays has kept me busy too – I’ve written on three Mondays for three different judges since I last wrote. Always good fun! Do try it if you get the chance.

The other factor was one of those big birthdays – see pictures for more details. No icing ponies were harmed during the fire at the stables!

But the best bit of the last few weeks equine-wise was on 21 February, when we took advantage of the half-term break for my granddaughter Emily to have another lesson with Laura. She was riding Millie this time, and once she’d got over being so far off the ground 9for a five-year-old) everything went really well. The grand finale was Emily trotting around on her own for the first time. We all felt so proud of her. Thanks very much, Laura!

Hope not to leave it as long until the next instalment. Happy riding!


If you would like to like Peter write for a Dressage judge, keep your eye out on our Facebook page for updates from Anna for when she is looking for writers and you are then able to PM to arrange.  Also the RDA do an amazing job so if you have a spare few hours on Thursdays please have a look at our RDA page on the website to find out how you can help.

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