Taffy is a lovely Bay Pony with a cheeky personality, he is a 13.2hh cob gelding who is fun to ride and loves his jumping.


16hh Black Gelding, Irish Sports Horse. Works well on the flat and gives
a good feel through lateral work. Loves his jumping.


Kenny is a dapple grey 15.1hh Connemara gelding, he is a lovely cheeky boy who loves to test his riders!


Flossie is a black Cob X 15.2hh mare, she absolutely loves her jumping and is also used regularly for the RDA.


Jaffa is a skewbald 16hh Irish Sports horse gelding.  A lovely skewbald and amazing at giving confidence at jumping.


Heather is a bright bay 16.1hh Irish sports horse mare, she is always willing and always gives you her best.


Daz is a chestnut 13.3 section C cob gelding.  Brilliant all-rounder and used for RDA.


Dallas is a coloured 16.3hh warmblood X, he has competed at Advanced Medium Dressage. You need to know what buttons to press …


Domino is a piebald 12.1hh cob gelding, Our Superstar!!, if only we could clone him… check out his designer mane.


Ziggy is a bright bay 16.2hh Dutch Warmblood gelding, he is a real been there and done that horse, even competed BSJA.


Peanut is a strawberry roan 13.2hh gelding.  Very cheeky chap who knows his job inside and out! Comfiest pony on the yard and RDA trained.


Bella is a black 16hh Irish Draught X mare, Nice and forward, enjoys jumping and her lateral work.


Storm is a bay 15.2hh Cob mare, one in a million!!! Perfect in every way, does a bit of everything and loves her jumping, also RDA trained.


Spice is a Piebald 14.1hh Cob mare, she is good with beginners and nice and steady, lovely pony to get you started.


Grace is a bay 15hh Welsh mare, great with beginners and very gentle to be around, she is also used for the RDA.


Naylor is a black 14hh cob mare, she is a nice forward pony and likes to jump. Naylor is also used for the RDA.


Lady is a Piebald 13.2hh Cob mare, sweet mare who tries her hardest for her riders.


Paddy is a Grey 15.2hh gelding who is a fun ride and loves his jumping, he is very popular with our clients who like jumping too!


Coconut is a Skewbald shetland who is extremely cheeky and everybody loves him, also Johns favourite!


Chester is a Chestnut 13.3hh gelding, not been with us long, fantastic second pony.


Sparky is an Appaloosa 16.2hh Irish sports horse gelding. He has jumped BSJA previously, his is a real confidence giver who enjoys jumping and is RDA trained.


Linford is Bay 17.2hh Cob gelding, gentle giant and RDA trained. Brilliant with beginners but put him in a double bridle and watch him go!


Annie is a Bay 15.1hh Cob mare, she loves her jumping and she is very good for Novice riders.


Maisie is a black 14.3hh Cob mare, she has not been with us for very long but proving a great all-rounder!


Manuel is a black 13.3hh gelding, really super pony, enjoys working well and is used for the RDA.


Millie is dark bay 14.3hh cob mare that can plod along, but does enjoy her jumping and is used for the RDA.


Drummer is a Piebald 15.3 Cob gelding, he is the main weight carrier for the RDA and beginners, also enjoys a little jump.


Merlin is a dark bay 14hh welsh gelding, lovely cheeky cob but works well and enjoys jumping and is also used for the RDA.


Tom is a bay 16.3 Irish sports horse, he is forward going and has competed in eventing, he is a firm favourite with our clients!