October Client Dressage Round Up

So the Client Dressage league is now well underway with you all looking very smart and putting the school horses through their paces!!

So, the results are in for the 24th October …

Class Section Rider Horse Score Placed
Intro A J Rebecca Taziker Kenny 65.43% 1st
Intro A J Pippa Monaghan Flossie 63.26% 2nd
P7 J Teigyngyl Davies Cooke Peanut 70% 1st
P7 J Laura Molyneux Spice 67.25% 2nd
P7 J Becca Dobson Oakley 63.25% 3rd
P7 S Elaine Tolbin Tom 72.5 1st
P7 S Gemma Musto Ziggy 69.75% 2nd
P7 S Michelle Lloyd Jaffa 67.25% 3rd
P7 S Jayne Lewis Oakley 67.00% 4th
P7 S Elaine Nickson Storm 66% 5th
P7 S Jenny Billings Linford 65.75% 6th
P7 S Hilary Probert Easter 65.50% 7th
N28 S Wendy Thompson Dallas 67.70% 1st

Big well done to you all, we managed to get our hands on a few pictures (thank you Becca Dobson!!) please be sure to tag us and send us your pictures for the next one, we love to see them 😉

You still have time if you haven’t already entered for the Client Dressage on Saturday 14th November, the list is up in the office or you can give us a call on 0151 3396797 to get booked in, be quick so you can be sure to get your favourite horse…

jayne and oakley       Rebecca and Kenny       spice       Becca and Oakley

The points will be calculated and the start of the points is now underway, who will win this year . . . . . . .


The Foxes Crew

The Foxes Crew

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