Spotlight on Neville aka Ginger as Anna calls him!

This week we wanted to put the spotlight on one of the newer Foxes Riding School horses, real name Neville (Yard name Ginger)

Neville has quite a story behind his journey since joining Foxes Riding School and some of you might already be aware as he has become quite the celebrity on Facebook! He has become a firm favourite with Anna Davey who has taken him on has her project… he must be a special boy as before riding him Anna had not ridden for 2 and half years since retiring from Grand Prix Dressage.

Here is Neville and Anna’s diary:

January 2017 – (warning there are some graphic descriptions) GINGER IS A VERY VERY LUCKY HORSE!! He arrived from a dealer at Foxes at the end of October last year on trial. He seemed very very head shy and was very difficult to put the bridle on. It appeared that he had what looked like hit his head on something as it was sore and very sensitive, however the skin was not broken. It was apparent when i rode him that his head hurt!

The next day the skin had burst and thick green pus was running down his face…so Leahurst Vets were called immediately. They said that he had Dentigerous cyst which is where a molar tooth grows in the wrong direction and grows up towards the ear. He was 7 years of age and had suffered with this unbearable pain all his life. The vets said the only option was surgery to remove it!! So my mum agreed to pay £2500 to have the operation to remove this. Bearing in mind we had only ridden him once and i thought my mum was mad!! Paying for the operation when we had only ridden him once…

So a few days later he went into Leahurst for the operation. The second picture shows the scan before the operation and you can see the mass to the inside of his left ear. The next photo shows the mass that they removed OMG poor Ginger had that in his head most of his life causing horrendous pain. He came around great after the general anesthetic and seemed perfectly fine. The operation does come with a risk of damaging the horses brain during surgery!!! Ginger did great. He came home and rested for several weeks then i brought him back into work. He was still very head shy so i bought him a special bridle with clips onto the bit so we could remove the bit making the bridle easier to put on. His forelock is now growing back and he look like a punk but still handsome. My mum asked me to bring Ginger back into work well Neville she insists that he is called but Ginger suits him better. So after 2.5 years of not riding i have ridden Ginger most days and hes come on great. We now go sideways, can canter small circles in balance, and jumping in control now. He is a very good boy and NO your not using him in the riding school yet as he’s my working project 🙂

So Ginger is very lucky that the dealer sent him to Foxes Riding School as he probably would have been passed pillar to post with no one helping him.

5th February 2017

Ginger had a brilliant morning at Broxton Gallops. Ginger is the horse in the previous post that had the molar tooth mass removed from by his ear!! He galloped like stink the first time up the hill, then soon slowed down. Ginger felt tired so the second lap we were walking when 2 eventers slowly passed us. They then cantered on and Ginger got a 2nd wind and took off, wow he goes fast!! Heck he was strong, i had no control what so ever lol I hung on to my neck strap knowing that he would soon get tired and slow down. Ginger loved his outing. You can see in the video where they clipped his forelock off and part of his mane for his operation. What a good boy Ginger :-)

21st February 2017

Neville wanted to have his say today! 😀  it’s been the best week ever. Friday Anna took me to Somerford Park Farm Ride which is a 7 mile sand track with optional jumps along the way. I overtook 20 other horses who for some reason we’re slowly walking!! We passed them cautiously in walk so no causing any other horses to get upset. Then boy I galloped! Jumping everything! I was sweating, puffing but heck it was fun. It didn’t take me long to get around.

Today Anna took me to Kelsall Hill X Country schooling. She made me jump coffins, down and up steps, and jump into the pond/water and everything else 😉

I was very well behaved jumping everything. I did get a fright when we had finished as Anna was walking me on a long rein back to the exit gate when Michael Owen jumped into the pond behind me causing a big splash noise which took me by surprise making me gallop off throwing my head in the air and Anna nearly wobbled off 🏇🏽😠  

So there you go, Anna has been know from time to time be let other people rider Neville but he really has become her new best friend and they are having so much fun together.  We will keep you updated on Neville (and Anna’s progress) keep your eyes peeled round the yard and they can quite often be seen jumping in the outdoor!!

We hope you enjoy this story and we will look to pick another Foxes Riding School horse to put in the spotlight very soon … anyone particular you would like to see the spotlight on???? pop a note of the name in the Facebook comments.

The Foxes Team

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