Spotlight on … Peter Bamford

Here at Foxes we have many people that you will see regularly walking around the yard, helping, working and volunteering, so we would like to introduce you to some of them and also give you some insight into what they do…

We have asked Peter to introduce himself and he has written a fantastic blog piece for us and let us into his equestrian life … Over to Peter!!

Hello! My name’s Peter, and I’ve been asked to write a short piece for the updated website. For those who don’t know me, I’dimg_3451 better introduce myself. I’m the grey-haired old geezer with glasses that you might have seen wandering round Foxes,
particularly on a Thursday and wearing a Wirral and Chester Riding for the Disabled top. That’ll do for now, but I may come up with a bit more background information in the future.

This last week has been a really eventful one for me in terms of equine events. On Monday I did a spell of writing for one of the judges at the Foxes affiliated dressage. Being a writer is good fun, and if you’re into dressage you can learn a lot about what judges are looking for. Sometimes I play a little mental game of trying to predict what the judge’s comment for a particular movement is going to be. My results are patchy, to say the least!

61b9ed5c-e050-4549-a609-113d89eecec3Thursday saw the RDA daytime rides restarting after the summer break. Good to see familiar faces (both volunteers and clients) and to meet some new ones. The evening rides continue as normal, and will do so until it gets too dark and cold (sometime in November). If you want to know more about the RDA, just follow the link from the Foxes website. The only downside to Thursday was that I had my last riding lesson with Annie. She’s been teaching me for a little over a year, and in that time we’ve got on well and I’ve learned a lot. Si I shall have to see what happens on my next lesson!

On Friday I had a trip up to Eccleston Equestrian Centre to retake the bit of the BHS Stage 2 Care exam that I failed back in June. I won’t tempt fate by saying how I felt it went. My parents lived in Eccleston for the last forty years of their lives and are buried in the churchyard, so my sister and I made up a family foursome and visited the grave, followed by lunch in the Farmers’ Arms (since my younger days renamed the Original Farmers’ Arms for some reason). Free plug – if ever you’re up that way, the food’s excellent value and they do B and B for £20 a night. I’m not related to the
owners, by the way!

Back at Foxes again on Sunday for the showing. Between the threat of strangles earlier in the year and other bits of my life cf965e50-63ba-4a8b-b98f-808ae5f6bac1getting in the way, it was the first show I’d made it to this season. I took Emily, my elder granddaughter along, and we both had a lovely day. Just so nice to see people enjoying the atmosphere (I hope so, anyway).

I think that’s probably more than enough from me for now. I hope you haven’t been too bored, and who knows, I might be back in the future.

All the best,


Thank you Peter for introducing yourself especially now knowing how busy you are all the time, we look forward to more from Peter over the coming weeks :0)

The Foxes Team

The Foxes Crew