Spotlight on Peter …. continued!!!

Following the success of us asking Peter to “blog or whatever” for us as he puts it… we were keen to ask Peter to make this a regular thing.  So he kept us guessing in the last post about his BHS Exam results, how did he get on?

Hello!  I’m back again with a bit more about my equine-related activities.  Things haven’t been as action-packed as they were in my last piece, but it’s all been good stuff.  First off, when I got home on Wednesday, there was the stiff brown envelope with ’British Horse Society’ on it that I’d been expecting, lying on the doormat.  A minor panic, but I opened it, and Yes!! – I’d passed, so that’s the Stage 2 Horse Knowledge and Care finally sorted.  A big thank-you to Anna and the other instructors who img_3985did my training over the years, and to the girls on the yard for putting up with me when I was training alongside them in the latter stages.

On Thursday I had my first lesson with Heather.   A change of instructor is always an anxious time, but I thought the lesson went well – I had to work hard, but felt I’d achieved something and, maybe most importantly, I enjoyed it.

So that’s what I’ve been up to, but if I haven’t already sent you to sleep, maybe I’ve got the space to tell you a bit about how I come to be wandering round Foxes wearing a Wirral and Chester RDA top.  When I retired in mid-2009 I promised myself that I wouldn’t get tied up with anything for twelve months, and just use the time to adjust and have no worries about having to get up in the morning.  Best-laid plans and all that!  Anyway, it so happened that Kath, the present RDA ride leader on Thursday daytime, and I had known each other for years and were part of a group that met for a drink in a pub in Chester on Sunday evenings.  As soon as she heard that I was due to retire, Kath started suggesting that I ought to join the RDA, and that I’d really enjoy it.  In view of my decision about not getting involved I kept resisting for months, but Kath persevered and eventually, late one Sunday night after I’d been plied with sufficient alcohol, I agreed to come along.  Of course, once I did, I img_3984was hooked.  So by the end of July 2010 I’d done my basic RDA training, and the rest is history.

That might have been it, but after a few months I realized that I wanted to know more about this whole horsy business.  (For good or ill, I’m the sort of person who, once I get my teeth into something, can’t rest until I’ve got my head round it, if that’s not mixing too many metaphors.)  I spotted that the BHS Stage 1 training ran on Thursday evenings from 7 pm.  I was there till 7 with the RDA anyway; coincidence or what?  Apart from a couple of afternoons pony trekking in my student days, I’d never sat on a horse in my life, so the riding bit was out of the question.  What really interested me, though, was the knowledge and care side of things.   So early in 2011 I asked Anna if I could join the Stage I training, and she agreed. (I’d already squared slipping off a bit early from the last RDA ride of the evening with the ride leader.)  Everything was completely new to me, of course, but I took the exam at Eccleston that December and passed.  Seriously, if you’re at all interested in horses I can recommend both the BHS course and Foxes’ training.  (They’re not paying me to write this – honest!)  You don’t have to take the exam!

See you around,


The Foxes Crew